John A Letham is founder and director of Considered Thinking.


creating motivation to fulfil potential


John A Letham is founder and director of Considered Thinking. He seeks to enable individuals and organisations fulfil their potential by encouraging different thinking and motivation, through a structured, personalised and challenging approach.

John has worked in international business development and management for over 30 years. He has a passion for self-improvement and developing other people, with a track record of nurturing talent.

John co-founded Park Circus in 2003 and was instrumental in successfully building the company from start-up to the leading worldwide distributor of classic films for theatrical exhibition, representing the major Hollywood studios, with offices in UK, USA and France. The company was successfully sold to Arts Alliance in 2014, with John playing a key, enabling role within the negotiations. John rejoined Park Circus Group in May 2016 as Co-Chief Executive Officer, and is currently leading the team through a period of development, transition and growth.

With formal education and extensive experience in digital technology, including working for over a decade for the electronics giant, Motorola, John has precise attention to detail, particularly around processes, operations and problem solving, through clever thinking and the implementation of effective systems.

Beyond work, John’s passions include design, photography, architecture, travel and living life to its full potential