Scotland Music Sector Coaching Programme

Help Musicians Scotland have grant funded Considered Thinking to deliver this coaching programme, with the overall aim of challenging and supporting music sector leaders to push themselves and their businesses to thrive, thus positively influencing the Scottish Music Sector.

 Participating individuals and associated businesses will be encouraged to take responsibility for their personal development, business plan and future growth, and become forward thinking and flexible, not just to survive, but to be highly successful in a rapidly moving industry. 

 This holistic programme will be delivered through a powerful blend of individual coaching sessions, group learning, practical support and detailed evaluation, over a six month duration from April to September 2019.

Coaching is a partnership which seeks to identify and break down the barriers currently preventing the coachee achieving and operating at their full and desired potential. The coaching journey provides an opportunity for visioning, planning, learning, being challenged, taking action, reflecting and celebrating.

Six dedicated coaching sessions will be provided per participant, spread over the programme duration.The sessions will be held either face to face, via video conferencing or voice call, with a typical 60 to 90 minutes duration. Ongoing support between sessions may also be offered to accelerate or support actions, where appropriate.

The coaching sessions will be complemented by four group sessions bringing the programme’s participants together. Each group session will last 3 hours, and will be split into two distinct elements. The first part will take the form of a mini four-part coaching training programme. The second part will use the highly facilitated Action Learning approach to learn from each other and take actions to break down perceived barriers within the wider Scottish Music Business.

As a minimum, participants are required to commit to up to 9 hours of individual coaching, and 12 hours of group activities, together with the dedication to actively work on the agreed actions between sessions. It is also expected that participants will provide detailed feedback throughout to allow full evaluation of the impact of this programme.